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The Group

Mr. N. Chandran
Chairman and Managing Director

Steered by the vision, energy and acumen of its technocrat founder,
Mr. N. Chandran (Chairman and Managing Director), Eastman today is a name synonymous with success and accomplishment. From a modest growth at the time of inception to the current business volume of USD 300 Million per annum, Eastman has come a long way. This journey is a complete testimony to the clarity of vision and the quantum of energy that propels the company. The various departments of the company are coordinated in such a way that optimum efficiency is obtained.Product Development is the real strength of the company.

An excellent product development system, managed by a creative team of professional vouches for that.We have a very creative design team capable of providing design inputs by constantly monitoring worldwide requirements. At Eastman Exports we produce quality garments that can guarantee complete customer satisfaction.We have a very good team of professionals who create the right and high quality product that the customer requires and deliver it at the right time, supported by a good communication and technological system. Above all we are always close to the market and keep ourselves updated with right fashion, product and Hi-street requirements.

Products Innovative & International

sustainabilty is an integral part of the production process at eastman